[sip-comm-dev] Problems answering consecutive calls


Hello to all

Im facing a new problem with my sip calls.

This only happens on Debian, it hasnt happened on Windows so far. Im
using build 1941

It goes like this.

When a call is Hang up, it takes many seconds ( sometimes up to 30 secs)
to really finish the call.

This is perceptible if:

-you have two incoming calls ringing at SC,

-you answer the first call

-you hung up the first call

-You answer the second call

-nothing happens for a few seconds

- the second call is finally connected after some seconds

I did some logging in the code and came up with this:

The delay is related with:

impl.gui.main.call.CallManager , at HangupCallThread.run:








            catch (OperationFailedException e){


Between start and end, sometimes it takes up to 30 secs. And the second
call doesnt get connected while this action doesnt finish.

Does this happens to you too?