[sip-comm-dev] Problem with TLS



I am working with the SIP-Communicator (1.0-alpha3-nightly.build.1952) and Asterisk ( or I use TLS for SIP and that works fine, but if I analyze the traffic with Wireshark I see that the SIP-Communicator uses TLS and TCP too for SIP. I think there that TLS is not proper implemented. Another issue is, that I must first connect the SIP-Communicator to Asterisk with TCP and in a second step I can connect it with TLS. Other one I cannot establish a proper call between two SIP-Communicator-Clients. If I connect directly with TLS to asterisk, then the connection to asterisk is ok, but I cannot make a call.

Can you help me with this problem? Is there any patches available?

Kind regards


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