[sip-comm-dev] Problem for Online Dictonnaries

Hi everybody.

Damien and me have successfuly created the new account wizard and now when
we load an existing we met those problems.

- On runas-crea you can read the error after creating a Dictionary account
- On runas-withaccount you can read the error when whe started SC with a dict account already created.

SVN DIFF is join too.

We hope you can help us with this problem.
Thanks in advance for your answer

svndiff (199 KB)

runas-withaccount (54.7 KB)

runas-crea (63.1 KB)

Hi Emil,

Thanks for your quick response. In fact, we followed the tutorial on
the SC website head down and because it didn't talk about the
"getProtocolIcon" method (and therefore perhaps optional) we have kept
it aside.

Thanks a lot !


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