[sip-comm-dev] possible bug - putting call on hold and off hold


is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? let me describe the steps:

1) create 2 sip accounts (account1 and account2)
2) call comes on account1.
3) while talking another call comes on account2 and i pick up, so account1 goes on hold while i am talking on account2.
4)during the call i put account2(cuttent call) on hold. and put the account1 off hold and try to talk.

what happens is that the caller on account1 can not hear me. but what the caller says, i can hear.

if i put account1 on hold again and offhold account2 and try to talk, the caller can hear me.

so what appears is that outgoing voice from sip cleint always goes to the second call(or the latest call that comes).

is this how it is supposed to be?