[sip-comm-dev] [Plugin idea] MSN Plus


I'm currently working (almost done) on a little add-on for the MSN
protocol to manage texts
recieves from contacts which use the MSN Plus plugin for Windows Live Messenger.

For those who doesn't know about it, it allows the user to add style
(bold, italic,
underline, color, ...) to the message with a bbcode syntax. Example :
[b]for a bold message[/b], [i]italic[/i], [c=12]some text with a
special color[/c]

Because it use regular expressions and text replacement, I think it
would be great
to be able to disable it for performances. It's used by a lot of young people.

My first idea was to put a checkbox in the general configuration form.
But the MSN
protocol may not be a part of the core bundles of the programm.
The second idea is to add a new field in the account form.

What do you think about this idea ?




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