[sip-comm-dev] pending patches


Hello all,

I just wanted to send a short note to all people that have sent patches
to the dev list lately, and that haven't received a reply yet. Among
them are mails from Michael Koch, Sympho Wanko, Jeroen van Bemmel,
Thomas Hofer, and possibly others that I am missing right now.

First, thanks a lot for sending over your contributions! We really
appreciate this!

I wanted to let you know that right now we're approaching the end of
Google Summer of Code 2007 and (as you may have noticed) most of our
students are also sending in patches, containing their work in the
context of the program (some of them are actually quite hefty).

We have a deadline and have to review their code before the end of
August so that Google can validate the program and eventually issue
student payments. This means that we'd have to give them higher priority
and review their code first.

We wanted to make sure you know that your patches aren't being ignored
and we are very grateful to you for sending them. It may take a while
for us to get there but we will eventually.

Thanks for understanding!



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