[sip-comm-dev] [PATCH] [sip-comm-dev] Yahoo! multi user chat: bugs fixed


Fixes bugs in the Yahoo! multi user chat, which now works properly.

yahoo-muc-fixes.txt (11 KB)



The constructor method for a Yahoo! conference can be used with an array of String containing Yahoo! IDs:

createConference(String[] users, String msg)

But in SIP Communicator, this constructor was always used with an empty array. The participants of the conference were added with:

extendConference(YahooConference room, String user, String msg)

But this way was not working, as I have reported here:

So I've tried to use the constructor with a non-empty array of Yahoo! IDs and that just worked fine!
I have mainly worked in the MUC OperationSet of Yahoo! and the chatroom implementation, in order to make the users invited in the constructor not invited again in the invite(...) method of the Yahoo! chatroom implementation.