[sip-comm-dev] [PATCH] Minor update of WizardPage javadoc- HEITZ JM


Good evening,

Being a student which takes part in the IAX4SC sub-project, I'd like to
propose you a minor update of the WizardPage javadoc. As far as I've
understood (please give me further explanations if I'm wrong), and
according to some comments found in AccountRegSummaryPage, I think it
should be worth it to complete the documentation of the
getNextPageIdentifier (especially returns
WizardPage.FINISH_PAGE_IDENTIFIER when the current implementation is the
last page of the wizard). I only found this by adding stack traces in a
working account wizard (I had to develop one for the sub-project).

Hoping this mail will be useful,

Jean-Marie HEITZ

JM_PATCH_WizardPage.txt (931 Bytes)