[sip-comm-dev] [PATCH] Call Hold


Based on the patch for call hold made available at
this patch attempts to implement the mentioned functionality in the
current development version of SIP Communicator. Additionally,
attempts at the following are made:

- Deal with the situation of A putting B on hold, B putting A on hold
and then A putting B off hold while B is still keeping A on hold.

- In accord with related conversations off this list, the UI is
represented as a button specific to the CallParticipant.

- Display the local and remote hold state (whichever is in effect) so
that it's clear for the user. It really depends whether the invite
offering the hold will be delivered to the targetted receiver by the
server standing in the middle of the call (if any). In the cases in
which there's such a server and it chooses to, for example, play its
setup "music on hold", the receiving participant in the conversation
doesn't see that he/she has been remotely put on hold.

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call-hold.patch (72.4 KB)