[sip-comm-dev] Password Storage: Weeks 3-5


Hi all,

I've been busy with my exams the past couple of weeks, but now the
exams are over and I'm continuing with my project.

I started making a GUI configuration for setting and changing the
master password. Like in firefox, I made a panel with a checkbox (use
MP or not) and 2 buttons (change MP and view saved passwords). I put
the panel in Options->General under the "Check for updates on
startup". The MP checkbox and change button work, the saved passwords
button is not yet ready.

In the code I modified
I also added the new panel and input dialog classes to that package.
I'm not sure if that's the right place for them, but I could not find
anything better. One thing I'm concerned about right now is how to
reuse the master password input dialog, I would not like to repeat the
code in another package, and I cannot import it (from my credentials

Next week I hope to finish the GUI (saved passwords button and other
smaller things) and test everything as a whole.
Any feedback is welcome.



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