[sip-comm-dev] OperationSetMultiUserChat and ChatRoom tests


Hi all,

I am working on providing junit tests for MUC related code.
After an offlist discussion with Emil, we decided it will better to target
the jabber implementation at the start, as it is one of the most

The following list summarize the tests method I have wrote so far

a) testCreateChatRoom, b) testJoinRoom, c) testGetJoinedChatRoom,
d) testFindRoom, e) testInviteReject, f) testInviteJoin,
f) testLeave, g) testNickName, h) testRoomSubject,
i) testConferenceChat, j) testMemberBan, k) testMemberKick

The work is not done since while all tests pass on my working machine
I noticed it wasn't the case for the last two ones ( j) and k) )
on cruisecontrol.
So there is still work to do. That said, if any one has time to
look at it, I will appreciate any suggestion for enhancements and/or
new tests.



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