[sip-comm-dev] OpenSER on top of OpenIMSCore



I want to install OpenSER server on top of OpenIMSCore. I am using the new VMWare image provided by Vladimir Romanov. I have tried to install it from the source from svn. But up to installation I was successful. But when I try to run the mysql database script it's not working. I am trying to run the script /usr/local/etc/openser/openserctlrc, but it's not working anyway. Because it doesn't seems like a shell script. If anybody installs OpenSER on top of OpenIMSCore VMWare image then please help me.

If anybody has a working image of OpenSER then it will be really grateful if I have the link or tutorial of that image.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Best regards

Yeasin Habib