[sip-comm-dev] Online dictionary project first release



We are proud to present the first release of our project. There is
still some problems but they will be fixed in the next few weeks. The
return messages will be formated in the next version.

We also attached the files which are in the resources directory. (We
add some problems to add them in the svn).
The images go in the "resources/images/protocol/dict" directory
The properties file goes in the
"resources/languages/plugin/dictaccregwizz" directory.

To test it, you can use the main dict server : dict.org (the port is :
2628). The strategy is use to search similar words,if a translation
was not found, thanks to different approaches. For example the Prefix
strategies will search words which begin like the word you would

Since the upgrading of the AddContact wizard isn't already made, you
need to know the dictionary name. Here is a small list of the
dictionary on dict.org :
* : any dictionary
gcide : The Collaborative International Dictionary of English
eng-fra : English-French Freedict Dictionary
fra-eng : French-English Freedict dictionary

Feel free to ask us if you have any remark or suggestion.

C├ędric and Damien

svndiff (208 KB)

resources.properties (578 Bytes)