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Hi Emil,

     In fact, it's more useful to configure all notifications resulting from
several events (playing sound, execute a command, make a popup systray,
...). It's better to configure all notifications with a unique tool. This
part will ask the new EventNotificationRegistryService which contains all
configurables notifications of all modules.
    It'll centralized the notifications' configuration, it's more useful.



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From: Emil Ivov <emcho@emcho.com>

Date: 5 juil. 2007 16:34
Subject: Re: [sip-comm-dev] Sounds configuration
To: dev@sip-communicator.dev.java.net

Hello Alex,

You are of course right. The current situation does not allow for
centralized notification management so we'd need to add the possibility
for modules to register the resources that they use for event notification.

I was wondering though, whether the AudioNotificationService is the best
place to implement this. It did seem like a good idea originally, but
after I started implementing it in there I thought that it would be nice
if in addition to sound notifications we could also configure systray
popups, commands to run and other stuff that has nothing to do with
audio. I was therefore thinking of creating a new service called:


Modules that would need to register events would do so in this registry

What do you think? Does this make sense to you?


Alexandre Maillard wrote:

Hello everybody,

I'm student in computer science and I'm taking part of
Sip-communicator's development. I undertake a plugin integration for the
sounds configuration. For example, incoming call, busy, ring, and all
other configurable sounds with this plugin.
Currently, each service (UI, ...), contacts the ANS (Audio Notifier
Service) to play a sound. The service supplies an
URI(file:/home/..../file.wav), ANS looks for this file and plays this
sound on the speaker.
The main problem of this configuration is that the user can't
configurate the different sound. He has to change the sound file's name
in the source configuration file (
net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.utils.Sounds.java). One user download
just the installer of sip-communicator couldn't changes the sound. To
modify the sounds, we have to change this file (Sounds.java) and build
the source.It isn't userfriendly for a common user.
My work is to incorporate a plugin for the sounds configuration in the
Tools->Settings menu. I wish to add a table in the ANS with the
event/(file or URI) correspondence. At the beginning this table should
be empty. All services which have to use a configurable sound (incoming
call, busy, ... not the sound of key 1 or key # of keyboard of phone)
register it in this table. Once all sounds registred, AC (plugin of
Audio Configuration) asks the ANS table and creates the interface to
allow the user to modify sounds.
I hope my explanation is clear enough, I'm sorry for my rather bad


What do you think about this solution ?

best regards,

Alexandre Maillard.

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