[sip-comm-dev] not suitable video capture device


Hi all,

Is it possible for SC to setup a timeout for capture device detection ?
Because, when SC starts on my pc, it indefinitly hangs after those messages :

17:37:37.868 INFO: impl.media.device.JmfDeviceDetector.detectCaptureDevices().122 Looking for video capture devices
17:37:38.024 FIN: impl.media.device.VFWAuto.autoDetectDevices().61 Found device Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)
17:37:38.024 FIN: impl.media.device.VFWAuto.autoDetectDevices().62 Querying device. Please wait...

And I think the culprit is my PC TvCard which is not suitable
for SC. The only thing I can do is to shutdown SC, deactive my
tv card and restart SC. Is there anyone here having a PC TvCcard ?
If so, how SC deal with it for you ?



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