[sip-comm-dev] Not able receive audio G723 Codec bitrate isssue


Hi All,

I am facing an issue related to G723 codec. The scenario as follows

Call between sip-communicator and Grandstream hard phone with supported
codec as G723 codec. sip-communicator is a caller. The mapped codec sent in
200 ok for invite is G723 from Grandstream.

Granstream is sending g723 packets with bit rates set to 5.3 Kb/s but
sip-communicator is sending g723 packets with bitrates set to 6.3Kb/s. Due
to this

I can hear the voice from hardphone but not from sip-communicator.
sip-communicator is not dynamically adjust its bit rate to 5.3 may be it
expects 6.3 always.

Is this problem fixed already? Is there a patch for this?

I would be very thank full for the valuable response.



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