[sip-comm-dev] New feature: Contacts synchronization with third-party applications / services


Hey all,
I am currently planning to develop a new feature for SC. Because of this, I
would like to get your comments to improve my idea.
Like the title already reveals, I willl develop an import/export service. In
the first step I am going to describe and implement a general interface,
which can be used by the bundles to easily synchronize contacts with
third-party application and services. Later on, I would introduce a bundle,
which uses the service for synchronizing contacts between SIP-Communicator
and your Google contacts. Also based on the service, there will be a plugin
to import/export data using CSV files. Th

What I want your comments on is now the first part of the project, the
general import / export service.
I already defined the "user requirements":

   1. The software shall provide an interface for other bundles to import a
   list of contacts or single one into SC
   2. The software shall provide an interface for other bundles to export SC
   contacts with all available personal details (Name, Address, phone number,
   e-mail etc.) and SIP-address / Instant Messaging information (e.g. ICQ UIN,
   Jabber Identifier, AIM nickname)
   3. The user of the import interface should be able to choose between
   different import strategies.
      1. Skip import of already existing contacts
      2. Override already existing contacts
      3. Add additional information available from the contacts to import,
      to the already existing one
   4. The user of the export interface should be able to curtail the
   contacts returned
      1. Filter by protocol
      2. Filter by group
      3. Filter by username

What do you think of these requirements? Are there any important things I
forgot? Something unclear?
Looking forward to see your comments.
Best regards,