[sip-comm-dev] New contact list interface


Hi all,

I have just made a commit, containing quite a lot of modifications on the user interface (mainly on the contact list). All this is part of the effort to enhance our contact list visually and in terms of performance. To summarize:

- we're now using a JTree instead of a JList, which we think fits better the hierarchical structure of the MetaContactListService
- we've changed the way the contact list is refreshed on changes, which should fix some previous repaint problems (duplicated last contact bug for example)
- we've added a filter allowing the user to easily find contacts
- we have changed the way calls are made. The call button is now integrated in the contact select view. We're continuing to work hard on this one in order to make call process much more intuitive and easy for the user.

There are some other surprises of course, which I'll let you discover yourself :slight_smile:

However, this is a first version and we're currently working hard on improving it, so please be patient and if you experience any unexpected behavior or problems just file an issue and they'll be addressed as soon as possible.

Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause you.



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