[sip-comm-dev] Need a help for a SIP Communicator based project


I'm trying to implement a mail notifier for googleTalk
so I was trying to receive those notifications when i click on a menu item
on tools tab of SIP
i have tried it by using your example plugin and made some changes to it

try {
connection.login("username", "password");
} catch (Exception e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block
    Message message = new Message();
    message.setSubject("Server down");
    message.setBody("The 'jupiter' server has just gone down");

in this code for connection.close(); they give "The method close() is
undefined for the type XMPPConnection"
so then i commented it and try
it was built well
but after i run the program the click on menu item didn't give the result

if you can have a look on this and give some idea that would be a great help
for me
thanks in advanced !!!

the file attached with explains what i have understood by going through this
SIP codings and software it self

sip.doc (343 KB)