[sip-comm-dev] "multiple" SCs under Windows; updates


Dear All,
I want to report another issues under windows, which myself (and two other windows XP
users) observe occasionally:
sometimes SC starts "two times" and then 2 icons are visible in the right corner and two
windows of SC appear on the desktop. This happens usually after the regularly updates.
SC needs to be shut down also in taskmanager (run.exe, javaw.exe), otherwise the program
will not start until rebooting.
A screenshot of windows taskmanager is attached, only SC uses java on this labtop.

Also sometimes after an update, SC only offers to "remove" SC, then all the accounts have
to be installed newly (not a big deal with jabber-accounts, as the contacts are also on
the server, but the SIP-contacts have to be added again manually).

I am not a programmer, only a very interested user. So I only can report it (same as with the video issue), but I hope to contribute positively to the development of SC.


Multiple SCs on Windows.pdf (41.9 KB)