[sip-comm-dev] Moving buddies between groups - odd behavior (ICQ only)


Hello folks,

I have noticed the following strange problem. I have several groups for
my ICQ account. I wanted to move a contact from one group to another. I
rightclick on the contact and select "Move to group" -->
"<group_name>". Then, however, a pop-up appears asking me to
re-request an authorization from that buddy. The message box has the
text "Can't add 59941366 to your Contact List. 59941366 must authorize
your request to add him/her. Please enter your request below."

    a) If i hit <Request>, the message box pops up again with the same text.

    b) If I hit <Cancel>, the buddy gets moved to the destination
group but it starts to appear like off-line (grey color) and, which is
most strange, with no icon whatsoever.

I have attached the output log on the console when I tried to to that.

Has anyone experienced this?


--Pavel Tankov

sip-comm-moving-buddies-between-groups.log (35.7 KB)


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