[sip-comm-dev] MIKEY



As announced on the beginning of November on the users-Mailinglist, I have integrated MIKEY into a local version of SIP Communicator. So far it works only on one-to-one calls as I need some help on understanding the conference stuff and the handling when a non-"standard" call setup occurs (e.g. no SDP offer in the initial INVITE).

The ported MIKEY Library for Java (now called MIKEY4J) is published under http://mikey4j.imvs.ch.

Attached are my modifications to integrate all the stuff into SIP Communicator in forms of a patch. I tried to make as less modifications as possible, but as you can imagine it is still quite a large patch-set.
Would someone volunteer in helping me getting this ready for integration into the main source?

Best regards,

PS: Thanks for already mentioning me as a contributor for this tiny SDP-parsing patch!

mikey_full_2010-12-04.patch (79.3 KB)