[sip-comm-dev] Meeting(s) in Brussels


Hey all,

A few words to those of you going to FOSDEM.

As far as I am aware most of us will be there on Friday and many will be
staying at the St Nicolas hotel (http://st-nicolas.be). The group that I
will be travelling with: Ben, Damien, Romain, Vincent, Seb Vincent,
Julien, Seb Mazy and myself will be arriving at the Bruxelles Midi
station at 13h27 and should therefore be at the hotel by 14:15 at the
latest. We could therefore arrange for a first meeting in the hotel
lobby at about that time. The following 4 hours would probably be the
only time when discussions will be possible, so if you want to discuss
coding related matters then that would be your slot.

The (absolutely mandatory :wink: ) Beer Event will start at "18:00(-ish)".
It's probably a good idea to try and be at the Delirium Cafe
(deliriumcafe.be) from the start so that we could get a table with
enough seats for all of us. If someone misses the crowd at St Nicolas,
then that's where you'd be able to find us next.

Finally, Saturday morning, we will be at the ULB (that's where FOSDEM is
happening) at 9:00 in the morning in order to prepare our stand. That's
where you'll find us for the rest of the weekend.

Looking forward to meeting you all there!



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