[sip-comm-dev] mailbox bundle



I am working with the mailbox and am stumped on something and was hoping you could suggest the correct direction.

I want to be able to call up the voice mailbox and hear the voice messages one after another. I just can't seem to figure out how to stop sending one file and play the next one.

By setting the datasource for a single audio file before I make a call, I can connect and it plays the file correctly, but I would like to play the next one after that.

I was hoping that I would use the Java Sound mixer and plug in source lines but I can't see how to make a Medialocator from a mixer (which is needed for the Datasource).

BTW, can you tell me the status of the mailbox plugin? Does anyone own it? If not, I might be able to contribute my code to SC. My final technical hurdle (after this) would be to recognize tones, you have any ideas on that?

thanks for your time,



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