[sip-comm-dev] mail me CDR

I want that sip-comunicator send me an e-mail with the the dayli cdr's information, how can I do that?
I lik e to create an small enterprise, for pc-to phone calls. I need that sip-comunicator can deactivate this funcionalities if the credit for make calls is zero(and generate any code for activate again, e-mail me this code, ask for the code when open the softtware, determinate in the code three spaces for include the new credit amuont, this spaces must be to choose in random way, the e-mail must be say me where are I have to put this spaces. I will can to send an e-mail to a customer with a number to activate the sip-comunicator with a new aount of credit). The control credit must be in the sip-comunicator (rates, area codes, etc). This is for to avoid innecesary cost (sip server host).
Is this possible?
Thank you.

Felipe Solano


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