[sip-comm-dev] loading a contactlist.xml


Hi everyone,

I would like to load a list of contacts from a MySQL database to
When starting, sip-communicator is loading a XML file call contactlist.xml which
is located in /root/.sip-communicator/.
I have made a litle application in PHP that asks my username and then picks up
informations from a MySQL database to generate a good contactlist.xml. The
application makes a copy of this file and replaces the original
/root/.sip-communicator/contactlist.xml. I restart sip-communicator and
everything works perfectly.

Now I would like to put this application on a web page. The user gives is
username and a personnal contactlist.xml is generated.
Problem : I can't modify his original contactlist.xml in local !

Maybe someone has an other solution or has already setup something close ?

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,



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