[sip-comm-dev] Linphone - Video Size and Bandwith



For the time beeing I have quite a few Linphone installations I can't get rid of for performance reasons.

An incoming video call from Linphone shows a tiny video image in SC. Unfortunately then, not all controls at the lower end are visible - so one has to resize the call window before the full screen button becomes visible.

But a smaller video spec has it's advantages too: Linphone is quite robust as far as processing power and bandwidth is considered. SC's video resolution is quite high (640x480?)

Would it be possible to add an option in the SC's video configuration to select the video resolution? (presumably to a smaller one)

QCIF is still good enough to have a decent video call experience - at least better than funny artefacts or latency. Video size is probably easier to implement than lowering the frame rate isn't it.

I suspect my Linphones all working on QCIF, whatever I choose in its setup (perhaps because Asterisk has close to unusable video negotiating capabilities) - it is hard to measure though. If resized, a Linphone image looks quite good on SC.

Of course one should select a resolution which is supported by the camera - or resizing would wipe out all performance gains.



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