[sip-comm-dev] Latest version of zrtp4j libraray and necessary patches for SC



attached are two patch files and the latest zrtp4j jar file.

The latest version contains updates to the protocol version number
and some enhancements to protocol handling as specified in the latest
ZRTP draft. Also Multi-Streaming mode was added.

The patches for SCCallback comment out the "goClear" parts, similar
in ZRTPTransformEngine and a small modification to implement handling
of SRTP packets according to latest ZRTP draft. Overall some
small modifications.

The build.xml patch reflects the change in this file.

The version number of zrtp4j is now in sync with the version of the
C++ ZRTP implementation. Both implementations now contain the
same features and are inter operable. Also zrtp4j works with Phil's
latest Zfone release.

Because this is my first "real" patch to SC - just give feedback
if something is missing or not ok.


PS: I'll give some feedback regarding my tests in a separate (and
longer :slight_smile: ) mail.


zrtp4j-1.3.1.jar (75.7 KB)

buildXMLZrtpPatch.txt (699 Bytes)

transformZrtpPatch.txt (5.04 KB)