[sip-comm-dev] JMF problems


Hi, i am developing a P2P VOIP program that uses JMF. It uses JXTA for
the P2P and JMF to get the RTP packets. since i cannot get the source
for jmf i cannot create my own rtp packets so what i do is: i send my
rtp packet to the same pc but to a different port, then i get these
packets and add that in a xml packet that JXTA uses to communicate to
other peers.
So far so good, i can actually make a call and since i developed a
sip-JXTA gateway i can make/receive call from sip communicator.
The problem is... my calls only last about a minute, i keep sending
rtp packets but after a minute or so, the player just stops playing
them. I am using GSM codec and in the player i can see the bitrate,
normally it shows 13Kb (normal) but after a while it shows 0Kb and the
voice does not play. Since my program is carrying the rtp packets i
can check if they are arriving, and they are.

Can anyone help me, i cannot see a valid reason for this to happen.
In the JMF guide it tells that there are control packets being sent by
my AVtransmitter, are they not in the "middle" of my rtp packets??
Could it be that they use a different port i don't know about?

         Sérgio Gaspar


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