[sip-comm-dev] jabber geolocation plugin


Dear SIP Communicator developers,

some time ago, I've written basic support for geolocation in Jabber
protocol. Now I want to contribute the project with a GUI that enables
this feature : the weFiND plugin.


What could we do with this plugin :

- see your position on a map with OpenStreetMap thanks the SwingX project
- share your position with your buddies trough Jabber Presence Message
- see buddies position on the map
- Use the map as an interactive buddy list:
- chat messages appear on the map near the buddy position
- click on the buddy position in order to launch a chat window

It is meanly inspirited from the iFiND projet. weFiND reuses the iFiND
concept and map interface but with a different approach,
interoperability with Jabber and scalability with OpenStreetMap. Wi-Fi
geolocation support is also available but the native Wi-Fi libraries
based on the Place Lab project need to be maintained in order to
support latest OS versions. For a first try, please use static
geolocation and enter your position or address manually.

In order to active Jabber location sharing, there's a minor patch to
apply in the attach file. You also need the Felix Service Binder
bundle in order to load weFiND bundle.

You could download the compiled bundle, sources and a macosx weFiND
release here:


And some documentation here:


jabber-geoloc-r6376.patch (3.99 KB)




OpenStreetMap - http://www.openstreetmap.org/
SwingX - http://www.swinglabs.org/
Jabber XEP-0080 - http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0080.html
iFiND - http://ifind.mit.edu
Place Lab - http://www.placelab.org/