[sip-comm-dev] Issues with statuses


I currently have Gmail Chat, iChat and the Google Talk client on my
Android saying that a contact is available, yet SIP Communicator shows
him as offline. I don't even know what to look for in SIP Communicator
with respect to detecting the cause of the issue.

Yesterday, I tried created a registrarless SIP account and the global
status menu was showing I was offline while the status of the SIP
account in question showed it was online. I toggled the SIP account
offline and then online and it started saying it's offline while the
global status menu started saying I was online - the account was
really online.

I also remember I've add issues with contacts been shown online in the
contact list and offline in the chat window.

Do you think it's worth looking into the many status-related issues
earlier rather than later? I personally find them annoying at best.


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