[sip-comm-dev] Issue 207

Hi All,

I have read SIP-Communicator 1.0 alpha 2 roadmap and got curious about this
particular issue:

207 - Use STUN4j to provide minimum support for NAT and FW Traversal.

I would like to help with this issue, as it does not seem to extensive for a
Could someone please explain a little better the issue?
I have seen that there are some classes related to Stun inside netaddr
package (StunClient and StunDiscoveryReport). I tried to follow the classes
to see when they are called.

I saw that is the AddressDiagnosticKit who starts Stun client tests. And
that AddressPool class is the one who calls initPool of the address pool
class. I didn't find so far any class who instantiates AddressPool. But I
still need to study it deeper!

Thanks in advance for the attention,

best regards

Pedro Oliveira