[sip-comm-dev] Is SIP Communicator behaviour correct, accepting 200 OK INVITE response with two Via headers.


Hello All,

We are using SIP Communicator as reference for our Automation Testing Framework.We are testing the SIP Communicator against ETSI TS -- ETSI Test Specification, which is RFC 3261 compliant.While testing with ETSI test cases we found SIP Communicator behaviour deviates from the RFC 3261. Please find the following Scenario and SIP Communicator behaviour for it;



Ensure that the IUT when an INVITE client transaction is in the Proceeding state, on receipt of a success (200 OK) response with more than one Via header (either same value or different value) value does not send an ACK request,discards the response.

For this scenario, SIP Communicator accepts the 200 Ok and sends ACK successfully.

Is this behaviour of SIP Communicator correct? Please clarify on this.


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