[sip-comm-dev] IRC Issues



Here is a list of issues related IRC in S-C. Please confirm/comment before i
file all of these as separate issues on java.net, and maybe assign a few to

(1) Cannot initiate personal chat to a peer in chatroom (right click doesn't
show an option for private chat, am registered on IRC).

(2) Frequently disconnects randomly and is persistent, then one cant restore
nick and when coming back online multiple/duplicate nicks are added on the
list. (please check the picture attached).
No error is thrown
     [java] 09:56:54.720 FINER:
oldValue=null, newValue=Online.
     [java] 09:56:54.965 FINE:
Dispatching RegistrationStateChangeEvent[ oldState=Registered;
newState=RegistrationState=Unregistered;reasonCode=-1;reason=null] to 1
     [java] 09:56:55.022 SEVERE:
impl.gui.main.login.LoginManager.registrationStateChanged().362 null
     [java] 09:56:55.023 FINER:

(3) Joining a chatroom with a command /join #chatroom doesn't update the UI.

(4) Closing the window of an IRC chatroom should be equivalent to leaving

(5) Kick / Ban privileges of the user should be checked before showing them
in UI (right click on peer in chatroom).

(6) Slowly shows the list of all users present in the chatroom when entering
one. (annoying if the chatroom is really large like that of ubuntu or gsoc),
sometimes takes like 5-10 seconds
Meanwhile the timer of other chatroom expires, and an error of unable to
join the chatroom is shown.. but the room is joined as soon as the long user
list of the previous one is done.

(7) The show information button, beside topic of chatroom, should be
disabled till its implemented. also possibly show a tool
tip(enabled+disabled msg) on that button.
Failed to obtain the chat room configuration form.
net.java.sip.communicator.service.protocol.OperationFailedException: The
configuration form is not yet implemented for irc.

(8) New message popups of chatrooms are very slow relative to high speed
discussion of chatrooms(like ubuntu) and they dont end for a long time.
Anyways the messages should be shown only in PMs or if your nick is
mentioned in a message from chatroom.

(9) Disable invite others to chat in a chatroom if the user don't have
sufficient privileges
     [java] 10:06:10.370 SEVERE:
Channel operator privilages needed :482: Response :jindal2 #sip-communicator
:You need to be a channel operator to do that

(10) Please change the color of light orange messages (joins/unjoins) as
they seem to blur on my laptop screen even if its screen is slightly tilted
than the perfect angle!