[sip-comm-dev] IRC implementation


Hi all,

It took some time, but the IRC implementation is now a fact!

Some time ago Stephane Remy and Loic Kempf from Louis Pasteur University
have started an implementation of the IRC protocol for SIP Communicator.
They have worked hard and have provided a really good peace of code,
including all main functionalities for IRC.

You have done a really good job guys!

With all the Google Summer of Code projects it took some time to
integrate their work and to stabilize the IRC implementation, as it
needed a lot of modifications both in the gui part and in the services.
We have tried also to implement the multi user chat for Jabber at the
same time and to see how the service is adapting to the two different

So, you could give it a try now!

All little/big bug reports are more than welcome:)



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