[sip-comm-dev] Interested to work on Project:Send tones in a telephone conversation



    Peeyush is here from INDIA\. i worked on mobile application\. i

like to work in networking.

    I like to feature myself to work over it

    I am ready to dedicate to GSoC 60hrs total and it needed more

i will do it untill completetion of project, Yes i am trying in BlueZ

        Project Title:Send tones in a telephone conversation (DTMF
over RTP with RFC 4733) - Implement in SIP Communicator the
possibility to send tones when punching the dialpad keys. The
implementation has to send these tones over the RTP media flows.

         I have done my previous project with IIT, Roorke and Kanpur.


Thank & Regards
Peeyush Varshney

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