[sip-comm-dev] Integrating SpellChecker with the Latest Build

While doing this I realized some new listener and other code needs to
be added in the other clases as well.

The listener classes to be added are not in spellcheck package but to
the "net.java.sip.communicator.service.gui.event" example
"NewChatListener" and some to Core GUI classes need to be changed to
support spellchecker.

This seems to be a good working approach but then I finally I stumbled
on the class "net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.main.chat.ChatWindowManager".
The design of this class is different in the trunk branch.

The constructor is default which in the spellcheck version took a
"net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.main.MainFrame" as an argument.
Now there is a default constrcutor.

Actually what bothers me is the design of the Application, which might
have changed. The way it renders its core GUI frame. And that got me
thinking about the approach.

Just making a constructor for
taking a MainFrame and get it to successfully compile wont solve the

Some other changes are there in the class. The spellchecker verison
contains a "Hashtable <Object, ChatPanel> chats" declaration and some
"get" method code which needs to be there for the other class
depending on it to compile.

Thats what I think. Maybe I need to understand what and why the
changes have achieved. I was wondering about the correctness of
approach then.

I am working to understand how SIP core GUI implementation classes
work. I think it will be really important job to do to work further

Thanks to Yana for answering my doubts. Cheers!!



On Aug 18, 2010, at 8:33 AM, Nitish Upreti wrote:

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Hello Nitish,

I'd like to make a clarification for the sake of clarity alone. Here is goes:

The task is to integrate the spell checker implementation from
branches/gsoc08/spellcheck/ into the latest of trunk/. A good deal of
time has passed since the last update of branches/gsoc08/spellcheck/
so we've put in place multiple improvements/modifications to SIP
Communicator in trunk during that time. Which means that the person
who performs the integration will have to extract the spell checker
implementation from branches/gsoc08/spellcheck/ and refactor it to
bring it up to date with the trunk/ implementation AND
design/architecture. In other words, the integration doesn't mean that
you just have to bring the classes and methods in trunk back to the
same state in which they are in branches/gsoc08/spellcheck/ but rather
means that one has to understand the
design/architecture/implementation of trunk and reshape the existing
spell checker implementation to fit nicely into it.

Additionally, because you previously said you were working on a spell
checker implementation of your own, I'd like to remind you of an
earlier response from me to you that you are free to enrich the
existing implementation with the advantages of your implementation.

Please feel free to show us your current existing code (e.g. in the
form of a patch) in order to ask for a more detailed review with
respect to the correctness of your approach.

Emil also offers you the possibility to create a branch for your work
in our repository. If you wish to take advantage of his offer, please
tell him your java.net user so that he can create a branch for your
and give your commit rights for it.



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