[sip-comm-dev] Integrating SIP-Communicator into Application


Hello Cary,


On Jan 30, 2010, at 5:31 , Cary Ussery wrote:

We would also like to consider integrating the SIP-Communicator code into the application for the video conferencing and connection. Is this possible and does it make sense? Are there any examples of integrating SIP-Communicator capabilities within a larger application?

SIP Communicator uses OSGi to create a modular application, so its components can easily be integrated in another application. The best way to do this is if your application also uses OSGi, since in that case you can select exactly the modules you need and communicate with them via services. If not, your next best option is to embed the entire OSGi framework in your application. This is described on the Apache Felix website, and if you have more specific questions, let us know.

Greetings, Marcel

PS: I'm not one of the SIP Communicator developers, but instead involved in Apache Felix, the OSGi implementation that is being used.