[sip-comm-dev] Improving scroll quickness in the chat panel


Hi devs,

Maybe you have not experienced it, but with my computer the scrolling in the chat panel is very slow and lags a lot when images are displayed.
A quick research lead me to the "src/net/java/sip/communicator/impl/gui/main/chat/ChatPanel.java" class. Indeed, I have just commented the two "JComponent.setOpaque(false)" (see svn diff below) and the lag on scrolling almost disappeared.
To comment this two lines does not seem to change the display appearance, but before committing it, can anyone tells me if these lines are useful and why?


chenzo@:~/sip-communicator$ svn diff
Index: src/net/java/sip/communicator/impl/gui/main/chat/ChatConversationPanel.java


--- src/net/java/sip/communicator/impl/gui/main/chat/ChatConversationPanel.java (revision 3910)
+++ src/net/java/sip/communicator/impl/gui/main/chat/ChatConversationPanel.java (working copy)
@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@

          this.setViewport(new ScrollPaneBackground());

- this.chatEditorPane.setOpaque(false);
+ //this.chatEditorPane.setOpaque(false);


@@ -1191,7 +1191,7 @@

          public void setView(JComponent view)
- view.setOpaque(false);
+ //view.setOpaque(false);

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