[sip-comm-dev] ICQ room name


Hello all,

Currently writing unit test for the ad-hoc group chat, I've noticed
that SIP Communicator was not able to create an ICQ chat room
(however joining one was possible).

More precisely, the contacts who were invited to this room didn't receive
the invitation.

When using the official ICQ software I've seen they're using room names
which match "chat" string followed by a random number.
I accidentally try this into ICQ ad-hoc MUC operation set's and the invited
contacts to my room magically received invitations. Then, everything seem
to be functional as expected.

So in OperationSetAdHocMultiUserChatIcqImpl, I substituted adHocRoomName
parameter with

"chat"+new Date().getTime()

(in createAdHocChatRoom(String adHocRoomName, List<String> contacts ... )
The default value for adHocChatRoom name was "chatroom" + random number.

In the very latest ICQ 7 (few days ago) they use "chat"; it was "room" in ICQ 6.5,
therefore both "chat" and "room" work.

I didn't find "official" information about this, but this is the only way to do I've found
in order it can work.



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