[sip-comm-dev] IcedJava Project (STUN/TURN and ICE Library)


I posted last week regarding the IcedJava project, which aims to bring ICE, STUN and TURN into the reach of Java Programmers with a minimal amount of effort. Since then, I have uploaded this project to Kenai, and created both some minimal documentation, and a Status page which I update regularly.

  This project is licensed LGPL-3.0 and hence freely usable to the widest possible audience. It's not my intent to force the use of this library ONLY in open-source software, though such projects will receive the greatest benefit from it.

  The project page is here:

  The status page, where you can check how I'm progressing with the library, is available here:

  Please visit the forums and/or chat room if you're interested in this project! I want to hear your questions, comments, suggestions, and yes, even criticisms and critiques. I hope this project will be of value to the SIP Communicator team, hence my reason for announcing it here. Thanks for reading.