[sip-comm-dev] HTML Test Reports


Hi, Emil.

As you know, I've been working on error conditions resulting from incorrect setup of the
accounts.properties file used in icq testing. I'm trying to prevent Exceptions being
thrown during the start() method by registering special unit tests that fail with meaningful

During my work I've sometimes had trouble relating the HTML test results to my failure.
Most of these problems seem to be related to browser caching, but are compounded
by the fact that running less than a full test suite will leave a lot of stale files in the
test-reports directory.

When I run "clean" before a single test class, the resulting index.html file refers to just
the test that I have executed - the other html files also consistently refer to my single set
of tests. I can't help being confused by stale residual data, but I wonder whether there
are circumstances where it would still have value to other developers.

I propose to modify build.xml as follows:

1. refactor the "clean" target so it is dependent on a new target called
"clean-test-reports", which only empties the test-reports directories.

2. make the "test" target dependent on the new "clean-test-reports" target.

Can you think of any reason why I should NOT make this change???




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Brian Burch wrote:

Can you think of any reason why I should NOT make this change???

No, you can go ahead.