[sip-comm-dev] How to start a new thread



thanks to the kind reply of S�bastien I understand that
to start a new thread, we should *NOT* click the reply button, then
change the subject line.

Instead we should, for example, click on the "TO" line and choose
"compose mail to". The TO line of every msg should already be
"dev@sip-communicator.dev.java.net" unless it is the users list.
Or use an addressbook entry.

We all promise never again to start a new thread by clicking "reply".

Regards, Earl


On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 03:06:22PM +0100, Earl wrote:

> 50 msec after clicking the send button, I realized that I had not changed
> the subject. Sorry about that.
For the record, the problem is not in the subject, but the fact that you
(but you're not the only one) click the "reply" button of your mailer to
start new threads. This adds a "In-Reply-To" header field to your mail
which links it to the message you are supposed to be replying to.


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