[sip-comm-dev] how to release a installation package


Hi, dear all,
I meet a problem when trying to make installation package out of my
sipcomm copy. When I try to make a windows installation pack, the
error is:
-- taskdef class com.izforge.izpack.ant.IzPackTask cannot be found
When I try to make a dmg for mac, it says:
taskdef class net.sourceforge.jarbundler.JarBundler cannot be found

Does it means I need to download these jars and put into the CLASSPATH?

Btw, the browser launching problem has been solved. All i need to do
is to add com.apple.eio to the manifest.mf, where I use it.


TML@HUT, Helsinki, Finland
ANTD@NIST, Gaithersburg, USA
Ph: +1 (301)975-6049

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