[sip-comm-dev] GSoC: Wideband Audio Codecs: SILK implementation


Hi there,

I'm thinking about to apply for your Wideband Audio Codecs: SILK
implementation GSoC project.

Few questions:
1) Do you already have a SILK IP Licence ?
2) If I understand it well, project consist of "only" rewriting SILK
SDK c code to java API and implement it to your enviroment, am I
correct ?

A bit about myself (if interested):
I am from Slovakia, studying 1st MSc year of Computer Science at
Charles University in Prague (CR), currently studying at Bristol
Univeristy (GB) as an Erasmus exchange student.
As my Bc. project I have implemented simple SIP softphone in C/C++ in
Linux enviroment. The project was focused on low resource consumption.
I used GSM 06.10 RPE­LTP codec from http://www.quut.com/gsm/ .
I will include more info in my GSoC application or feel free to ask.

Thank you,

Lubos Magic


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