[sip-comm-dev] [GSoC] Whiteboard Status


I've many problems with my internet connection (sorry Emil),
my internet provider (Free&FT) isn't fast to solve my problems :frowning:

So here a quick status mail of the Whiteboard plugin.
In 2D objects are not representable with ones simple list of triangles as in
The goal is to have a basic model which can adapt to any type of forms: the
To simplify, this object has several types:
rectangle, circle, curved, image, path…(like in SVG)

Then with the implementation of this object in the protocol Jabber
(XEP-0113 + mobil SVG) it's necessary to separate the various types of
objects for the generation of code XML:
WhiteboardObjectImplJabber adds an method "toXML()" for each type:
this methode generate a valid SVG-XML string for each objects.

Similar for display, the structure of the class is almost similar to the
implementation in Jabber,
but here, the goal is different, it doesn't generate a XML, we want to
display an object:
thus we have a drawing method (using the Graphics2D context of the GUI)
and a contains method for detections (intersections)

There are good ideas in SVGSalamander/Gazelle, but I think that we can use
these ideas without having to use these lib by adding my own SVG-display &
management classes :
because my objective is to have complete system but with the lightest size

Currently, I look for a system (like a plugin system ?) to add easily "modes
of drawing" (draw path/draw rect/draw circle….).

I am also analyzing: "XEP-0155: Stanza Negotiation Session"
if somebody has an opinion to give on this protocol… :wink:
It will be used for me to authorize the launching of the whiteboard.

And if my internet provider wants it, I will be more present the next week