[sip-comm-dev] GSoC: Video/Image Preview


Hello all,

I've been working on the video/image preview project. I've had a chat with
Emil and Yana regarding the exact details of the project and we all agree
that we are looking for a service that would be generalized for any chat
substitution including smileys and video/image previews. I've made a
service, ReplacementService and have placed the youtube source in
impl.youtube. Presently new sources can be added in the same way as the
current youtube source. They just have to register themselves.

As Emil had suggested, I use a property now, to enable or disable this
feature so that it would be easy to test it ( Thanks Emil! ).
The replacement service presently includes a method to return the modified
chat string. This works fine for youtube link replacement. I'm planning to
add in dailymotion source as well.

I just have to tidy up the code a bit according to sip-comm code conventions
as Yana suggested. I'll be doing that soon and I think it should do good for
the first version of this feature.Could someone please give me the details
about the svn branch?

It'd be great to hear your suggestions regarding this.