[sip-comm-dev] [GSoc] - User Agent Display 'Pencils Down' Report


Seeing as today is the 'Pencils Down' day it seems appropriate to give a report describing my project's progress.

The original objectives were finished (http://www.sip-communicator.org/index.php/GSOC2009/DispMUA). Attached is a patch containing all code written.

In addition to the original objectives I added user agent information to chat rooms. Attached are screenshots of my success for user agent identification for each protocol and screenshots for chat room and basic chat window user agent display.

Support testing was done for various popular chat programs (which chat programs where decided in previous dev e-mail conversations). The results are attached in the support testing archive. The archive contains a folder for each protocol. Each protocol folder contains a file the success for each chat client that I tested that supports that protocol. Each folder also includes a saved portion of the packet that does or should contain user agent information for EACH chat client tested (I got these using wireshark).


patch.txt (224 KB)

Screenshots.zip (2.94 MB)

Support Testing.zip (8.54 KB)