[sip-comm-dev] [GSoC] Dude Check out my Photo- Progress


    I will keep this thread to keep reporting my progress of the project.

As asked by my mentor Damien, till 23 I will be testing the functions and
size limits of different protocols.
I will first try to implement all the api individually without linking them
with the SC code.
Today I tested smack api for XMPP protocol. I successfully changed my avatar
of GTalk using the same (had to spend cool 2 hours just to revise image
basics from bytes[] to Image and stuff). Now will find out size limits from
both api and XMPP protocol definitions. And will try them out too.

Have already tested some changes in GUI like adding a MouseListener in the
current avatar displayed.

Hope to finish of the project as per my timelime (even better if before the
timeline :slight_smile: )


Shashank Tyagi,
Computer Science(IDD),
Part III,
Institute of Technology,
Banaras Hindu University,