[sip-comm-dev] Gsoc 09 : replace a webcam by a picture


Hi everybody,

The First term of the Gsoc 09 is soon finish so I want to give some news to the community about the project :
"Replace a webcam by a picture"

The aim of the project was :
Add the possibility to stream a picture during a video call if no web
cam is available
(or if it’s way too early in the morning for the world
to see your sleepy face :wink: )

We have add the possibility for the sip user to choose in the MediaConfigurationForm a "fake Device" in order to replace the Webcam device during a video call :

Thus, the user can choose to replace the webcam by :
- an avatar choosed randomly in all the avatars available (ReplaceByAvatar.png)
- A file (a picture) loaded from hard disk (ReplaceByFile.png)

In all the case, the picture is automaticaly reduce to a correct resolution ant the SIP logo is merge with the picture choosed in one of the corner.
The preview of the fake device is available in the preview Panel in order to see what kind of "fake device" is used.

The next step (second term) will be to give the possibility to the user to send during a call a Desktop Streaming.

Best regards.



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